Exclusive Pre-Orders, Altered States Vol. 4.

Beatport, Juno and Bandcamp (Sinchi) are offering exclusive pre-orders for upcoming release Altered Staes Vol. 4. Check the links for pre-orders 🙂
Imense support by artists I have dreamnt to show a track to. Track support with kind words by:
The Hacker (Zone Music)
Franz Underwear (Slow Motion Records)
Curses (Rinse France / Ombra INTL )
Deckert (Connected)
Speaking Minds (My Favorite Robot, AEON)
PBR Streetgang Mufti (Her Majestys Ship)
Erol Alkan (Phantasy Sound)
Neil Scott (El Diablo Social Club)
Red Axes (I’m a Cliche)
La Mano (Through Gods Own Eyes)
The Two Mamarrachos (Nein Records)
Damon Jee (Days of being wild, Nein)
Benny Blanco (Valkea Music)
Phred Noir (La Dame Noir)
Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed/Records makers)
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