the Out:numbered

A new collective coming straight out of Berlin is coming to you. It goes by the name of “the Out:numbered”. Their site is yet to be set, but it comes with a powerful message & offering a space for all kinds of creative minds. The project, although based in Berlin, will focus on prioritizing (but not restricted to) the support and promotion of non-US and non-European music and art from the global south, ethnic minorities and minorities.
Music is a universal language. The connection you can create with a song is not limited by the lyrics, the melody plays an important role. If we took the lyrics away from your favorite song would you still like it? For me, the answer is yes.says Daniela (@ldymacca), co-founder of the Out:numbered.
Support has been already heard from multiple artists all around the world (including myself : p).
The co-funders are in the process of reaching out to a vast network of collaborators. The network will offer an exchange of skills, competencies, knowledge and techniques. the Out:numbered has the purpose of fostering a collaborative society, where cultures become homogeneous.
The space is aimed for people interested in writing about topics that favor cultural exchange such as current events of the respective countries, music, visual arts, gastronomy, etc.
Are you interested in collaborating? reach out at:

outnumbered [email protected] .com

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