Dany E – RADIO28, Cholula.

RADIO28, a radio station like no other one & with good connection to Amsterdam, based in Cholula Mex.

A celebration at mezcalería Azotacalles, in company of R28 residents and owners, and a complete bunch of crazy people giving it all.
There has been a couple of places around México where I had desperately needed to visit and play. Cholula has been on the sight for too many years, and it finally happened.
This was all possible by RADIO28, who in collaboration with mezcalería Azotacalles the magic happened. The vibe inside the place was too cool to understand for such a size of town. All the effort put by R28 has been well rewarded with a public into crazy cool music, fashion, arts… you name it.
Getting into the studio was a first incredibly nice feeling. A block of containers where they have been streaming from. Is architecturally super well achieved. From the back side of the studio, the so called SPACESHIP, a church that has been built on top of a pyramid (as crazy as it sounds yes) could be observed. What else of inspiring could you ask for? The entire complex is an incredible area to throw all the best vibes. I have been feeling suddenly like part of it, and Chichino, Detektiv, Korsssakov, Bash and Pandal really made me feel instantly at home. I so much appreciated this.
Azotacalles is an incredible mezcalería. But evidently impossible would have been without the crowd that gathered. Let’s put it in this way: Police came way to early to try to stop us, they didn’t manage. But then they managed. You can feel the vibe from the videos below. Cholula would never stop right there. After party was already set up back at the studio. And lets put it again in this way: After that evening, they were asked to leave the complex as noise complains were coming from everywhere. Sadly, they ultimately had to leave, But RADIO28 has its very own space in Cholula now, and I cannot wait to come back again.

Footage below.
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