Galaxie Nites at Macera, Madrid.

Galaxie Nites (aka GN) take over Macera Club, in Madrid, had stroked with so much force in our post-pandemic relief that none of us anticipated.

Dam & Danesholme, who run GN, gathered Dehesa & myself to complete the line-up. But it was the crowd who definitely made the difference for an eve we couldn’t have imagined.

Plus we ate too too damn good.
We arrived to Macera, and for me my debut in Madrid, wondering whether the event would go well.
In any case out minds were not worried a single bit about the music quality and neither about how much fun we were already having up until that moment. Anything would be great.
But that was not even near our already entertained minds once we started looking at the crowds coming down into the basement during Dehesa’s set. Seconds past after midnight the entire place was packed to the centimetre. Someone told me “in Madrid people go out after midnight” but this was seconds after midnight. Cue outside, dancing was on inside.
Te music evolved incredibly well through Dam’s and Danesholme’s sets. The feeling was very right. I was closing the night but the night had been so good I had no clue what how to get it any better. I jumped out there after dancing on top of some couches, the rest was just flowing. No need of much was more than enough, I had good room to feel free and enjoy. I wasn’t even aware when I had to stop playing, until I looked at the lights on. Hilarious. Some of that below. We have not felt so good after so long either of us, this gig was all good vibes. Im happy to share some vids ;).

Footage below.
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