Galxie Nites – Aire Libre FM.

When it comes to Mexcian radio, there is a clear advantage by the coolest a.k.a. Aire Libre FM. With cutting edge programming for new musical proposals, is no wonder to find the monthly takeover by a collective that brings nothing else but quality, dedication, love and cheerful times: Galaxie Nites. Of my greates pleasures to contribute for their radio-show, at such incredible cabin.
Listen below ♫♪
Galaxie Nites, a project led by Dam Vera aka DAM wlong with his partner Graham, aka Danesholme, has been impulsing the Mexican scene and the music business for a respected amount of time.
But is not only thier career that inspires but the fantastic human beings they are. Galaxie Nites has taken advanced steps towards becoming one of the nicest music-influential collectives around the country.
Unquestionable dedication by them. Galaxie Nites has a clear footprint in the scene with endless events filled with quality line-ups. Also has big presence in the much loved SundaySunday. Not to mention a radio show in a radio station that kicks butts to any other in the country…I mean, nothing you cannot think of quality from them. They also have a cool logo! (it was cast in nice pins to feature it on your fancy clothes).
The first hour was aimed in a way that beats would evolve and the story would be told by itself. The second hour was more liberating. I wanted to shake datass and dance all along. Among the featured producers were covered from Jexopolis, Earth Trax, Cignol, & all the way to Nathan Fake, Flemming Dalum.

Listen below.
Mezcal was given courtesy of these amazing hosts, including my dear Robotz aka Snowcaveman who was more htan kind to join us. Once the Mezcal made some magic, man, the night became young, the good times you know?
One of the nicest parts of the night was when the phone RANG! They have asked for a track I played, and if I could share the name. This has not happened I think since streams are popular. But I got lucky enough to get one of the listeners to give a call!    
Playing at Aire Libre has been for me, not the wildest dream, but an important one that came true. I never thought I would be invited by Galaxie Nites but it made the experience so much more enjoyable, before and after. I have looked forward to bring my music proposal on a national radio days before the radio show, but I have thought this would be an incredible experience for years & years ago.

Footage below.
Phone call to request a track 😀
Phone call to request a track 😀
Aire Libre – Cabin
Danesholme, Dany E, DAM
Aire Libre – Cabin. Danesholme, Dany E, DAM
Aire Libre – Cabin
Monumento a la Revolución in the foreground.
Aire Libre – Cabin. Monumento a la Revolución in the foreground.
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