Jane Music – Mixtape.

JANE MUSIC has very kindly approached me a couple of months ago, with very nice supporting messages and asked me if I wanted to contribute to their audience with a mixtape. I gladly accepted. I have since then received their releases, very impressive music productions. I’m very glad to get to share something through them.
Listen below ♫♪
The intention of this mixtape was to bring to Jane Music public a taste of some “brother” labels.
(I say brother as music is related). Like Sinchi Collective & Moustache Records.
But not restricted to this, I tried to push a bit ahead or after the limits to include genras that for me are also very related.

Señor Chugger, Detroi’ts Filthiest, Franz Scala, Binary Digit, Le Jeune Fluck, & others.
I’ve featured fine artists which I’m happy to have met, listened, talked to, & that I enjoyed play their music

Listen below.
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