OFF ADE ━ w. Jex Opolis & Dany E.

We strive for an Amsterdam party scene that’s all about keeping it real, with a spirit of freestyle living & where you can just be yourself. That’s why threw a cheeky first and supermegaunofficial OFF-ADE party! Headlined by the one and only: JEX OPOLIS. As spontaneous as it gets, hosted at the greatest spot: Huis van Iemand Anders. Proper vibes.
Footage below ♫♪
There’s an important & necessary comeback of a freestyle living & partying from some years ago. It’s needed because the world is getting too disrupted. We must counter balance the current distorted ways and stand up to be progressive with progressive thinking. OFF-ADE is fun and have this in mind.
I came up with a very first, cheeky, exceptional & super unofficial OFF-ADE PARTY. Who else but JEX OPOLIS for enjoying a fun, caring, loving and mezcal infused party -definitely outside the ADE official program! 
As chill vibe and relaxed way of organizing this, without a doubt, a huge moment. To set what having fun should be. Free, good music, good people, good times, make a community gather. This was only possible through the help of dear Lawrence, at an incredible Amsterdamer spot: Huis van Iemand Anders. All in all… the best setting.
Context: I reckon the party vibes in Amsterdam are truly something else – here in the city, you can normally and openly be yourself compared to other countries. Like I’ve said in other posts, we can get to enjoy as much as your body allows it. I have this feeling that in the 90s, 80s, or 70s, things were a bit more experimental. ADE, a big electronic music festival in Amsterdam, has seen some important changes through the years. Like, what festival/club hasn’t in this time? Changes mainly related to the capitalist world we live in. But we’re about halfway through this decade, and I can sense this urge to get to change the current bad parting habits.
For a first shot of such an event, nothing beat the feeling of something like this could happen almost out of nowhere. Spontaneity is the only place we are truly us, is an essence of pleasure. I received some comments like: “Man, I didn’t know until today?! How?!” or “man, what a cool spot i never been here!” & ”Man, this is amazing, I love JEX!! When did this happen?”. Those comments tell this is the right thing to do.
So, how did it go? As unplanned and as cool as it could have been. Plus, it was a birthday present for me. I damn forgot a crucial thing: recording our sets. Jexy threw a 3-hour speaker blast, I did my best for the warming-up game. Was definitely cool to enjoy the music and our friendship in this type of party. 
Let’s see if some OFF-ADE will come up next year, but as unplanned as it can be. Then we can feel again a bit closer to where this world should be.

Footage is below.
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