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You may or may not have encounter, at some point in your DJ life, INTERGALACTIC.FM. If you haven’t, this multichannel radio station has hosted most of the legendary underground DJ’s/Producers through many years. Glasgow’s Schrödinger’s Box, pushing incredible music all around Berlin & UK, had me on his crazy monthly radio show on Laniakea. A great honour.
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Schrödinger’s Box Record Label is the fantastic project led by the one and only Ian Harry Hall. Ian has been into music as DJ and Producer for many years, and has pulled out a ton of incredible achievements that many dream of.
His record label has brought us great tracks FT. talented producers as Cute Heels, Adreas Gehm, etc. His initiative at INTERGALACTIC.FM is just one of many great musical projects he has been doing. As a human, he is the kind of friend you always want to have.
I’ve met him at a Bordello A Parigi event in Wilden-Renate, Berlin. We’ve both played that event, it was a 32hr party and I remember we were some of the last warriors. A crazy cool connection. I closed that event while envying the ones that were finally resting by then…but we managed! After this it has been always a blast talking to him. The radio show he has asked me to play has then been a joy to plan and spin. The mixtape line was thought as if I was about to play in one of Ian’s events.
I would be playing with the idea to bring a fast enough beat, with good punch, arpeggios, fun, & enhancing the feeling with a good amount of dark & synth wave touches. Ian has been too kind to stream this radio show, actually by surprise to me, on my birthday. That moment, without aaany doubt, felt too good to be true. I truly appreciate it. Below is the live stream on Youtube, Ian has played the first hour with a great vinyl mixtape, followed by my contribution. ENJOY!!!

Listen below.
Schrodinger’s Box INTERGALACTIC.FM
Schrodinger’s Box INTERGALACTIC.FM
Ian live stream all the way from Glasgow
Ian live stream all the way from Glasgow.
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