Dany E at Radio Bar.

A banging gig at Radio Bar in Irapuato – the properEST spot in the entire Bajio of Mexico!

Got the chance to drop some faster beats that don’t usually make the cut.

It’s a long time relationship with this place, felt amazing being back.
Radio Bar, led by the most interesting guys in the entire region (aka Chema along with Young Drums), is a miracle of place in the middle of a region where you wouldn’t expect much to happen.
Yet, the place has been pumping up the dancefloor for amny years already, even on Sundays. But all in all, the way they’ve managed to keep the vibe and vision of the venue through the years has well educated the locals and a scene has been born with all the fun stuff you could have ever asked for.
First time I was here was back then with the Borello A Parigi tour. But Radio Bar has a distinguished scene where faster and more energetic, as intense, tracks make the magic happen.
When being at Radio, I finally have a chance to bring all this repertoire of 130+ bpms. Is truly liberating and is equally important to get out there to the dancers all sort of musics. I finally was able to bring once again some ace game of hardcorer tracks! Only little footage available, but I 100% enjoyed, along with Chema, Carlos who was immensely kind to bring me around and drop by. 100%!

Footage below.
Got there by bus, as always, with a Tom Cruise rad action.
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Nothing wihtou a Clamato and Chema’s company.
Tortas Ahogadas man. Impossible nothing.
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