Last at SISSI’S, Amsterdam.

SISSI’S, Amsterdam east side club, stood out by it’s fun, well-curated space bringing together a diverse mix of people from various subcultures or not even remotely connected to the underground scenes. Despite its temporary existence, my last gig at SISSI’S left a lasting impression on the ever-evolving landscape of Amsterdam’s nightlife.
Partying in Amsterdam can be sometimes difficult to grasp. SISSI’S, a massive club boasting three rooms and a courtyard on the east side of Amsterdam, happened where the club scene isn’t typically concentrated.
In Ams. we have hell loads of options, and living here is definitely cool. However, some of these options seem to emerge within communities not very close to ones, making it challenging to navigate the sea of possibilities. A fun well-curated space that left me questioning my eyes when I first walked in was SISSI’S.This venue brought together a diverse mix of people from various subcultures or those not even remotely connected to the underground scenes.
The club that somehow put together all these different types of peeps to enjoy a crazy mix of eclectic music and a cool atmosphere. So yea, I wanted to play here since the very beginning, whiling maybe I could bring something this place trying to integrate all these different types of people. I made my proposal and felt incredible when I got invited.I believe this is a proper way to include everyone who wants to enjoy music.

Some people who joined me had some confusion “Mate, are all sorts of people here is funny”. Evidently it went great. As the night went on joyful feelings where pretty much well set in the main hall (unfortunately did not get to play in the basement).
I tried my bests in the diverse mindsets converging on what truly matters: good music & good fun. On the way out we did our proper contribution of tags, felt so so good.

SISSI’S existence was tied to a temporary rental contract; sadly, some idiots tore down this incredible facilities in place of whtvr is coming. A real shame, this place was fantastic. Here we are again in Amsterdam, with countless new clubs whose longevity remains uncertain. Regardless, having this luxurious chance to enjoy them no matter where or with whom, should always be the way to go. A fantastic souvenir, I’ll cherish from my time at SISSI’S.

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