Dany E at Sisyphos, Berlin.

A summer night at the iconic Berlin’s Sisyphos. Wintergarten debut; a never even near reality thought to having this pleasure of taking charge.
No captures permitted, yet the recollections of the sunrise at the end of my set were an absolute delight! Check below.
Gigging in Berlin’s clubs has blown me away more times than I admit, especially considering the legendary status of some of these venues. Especially Sisyphos, my first time there was back in like, 2012? Never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d be spinning tunes in this magical place.
I mean, come on, i’ve heard of great D who usually perform in those booths, but not some dude like me. Sure, I’m confident in my skills, but I never go far in wild dreams…less around those years. Still, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to score gigs in Berlin, and get to play more and more around this massive city, thanks to friends like Mane, and many many others. Then again, there was a no bariner Sisyphos invite.
Wintergarten was the space, 3-6am. I was ofc a bit nervious of my debut here…I could drink a zip of anything until I started playing. This night was a career highlight, absolutely. The vibes were unreal, the crowd went absolutely mental, and the way they danced. I remember there was a girl banging her head, up an down to the floor, rising her fist and starting making the hammer arm movement during one of those cool drops. Pure madness!
I played that night after my dear Cani from Zombies in Miami who did a nice work getting heating enough the dancers. My set strated straight on groove, including some easy but fun italo’s, and moved upwards to funnier BPMs. So movement and crowd energy was well managed here. Although, seemes to me energy was endless this night.
No photos, mind you, no phone policy, which I respect. But hey, here’s a couple of snaps of the queue on the way out, some Berlin shots of that sunrise and a little announcement.

Honestly, can’t wait to get back here and have it all again.

Footage below.
Pic on the way out. Seems nobody is there, but check the queue outside below.
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