ADE — & Celebratin’ Shenanigs.

October is a month that never fails to keep me on my toes. Folks coming out of their late summer daze, Amsterdam buzzing with ADE excitement, and my birthday thrown into the mix.
ADE buzz generally is not what used to be, but local bashes and birthday vibes turn the city packed with good times and great music. Not only that, ADE festivities kicked off earlier with my first OFF-ADE event (read about here).
That wasn’t enough, Bordello Aperitivo is my preferred local fun with its own soirée, and practically become a tradition around our neighbourhood. B.Aperitivo holds a special place in my heart during ADE, our space in the neighbourhood you know? And the lineup this year, well, it didn’t disappoint incorporating dear mate Sound Chemistry, Daniel Monaco, and John Noseda among others. Keeping the vibe just right for a proper local celebration.
Another important event hidden away in Noord Amsterdam. My dear friend Jay decided to throw a bit of a big celebration – and proper rave meeting queer vibes. This was an experience. Nothing quite like partying with good friends and, erm, pushing the boundaries a bit. As for the music, I was invited and more than happy to play. I kept it light and cheerful, with a sprinkle of summer hits to keep things lively.
My BDay, is all about good company and good food. Add in some tunes and music celebrations, and October turns out to be quite the month to continuously be grateful for.

The mixed footage below.
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