Dany E at [SIC] and ClubColima.

Playing at two venues in a single night it’s not always a smooth ride. A combined night with sets at [SIC], a queer joint vibing with great music taste, and Club Colima, known for its sick sound system. Despite some bumps, managing two different crowds in one night turned out to be a feat worth sharing, even if it had its unperfect moments. Here the story.
When it comes to the responsibilities of being a DJ, our specific and incredibly fortunate duty is to bring good vibes to the crowd. But there’s like are a million things to take care of aside from just the music. It’s not just about the tunes to play; for example, I handle everything, everything everything. So, the incredible accomplishment of scoring a gig in places that you want to try out feels absurdly cool. Now, let me share the tale of this night.
It’s not unusual for some DJs to play in two venues on the same night; for big artists, it might be a daily thing. However, promoters can feel bit offended if such a situation arises. This night I found myself in this situation. I wanted to spin at Club Colima, a new venue with an incredible sound system and a cozy dance space, partially curated by two of my greatest friends. Then there’s [SIC], a queer club that aligns incredibly well with my taste in music and my ways of having fun.
So, I went in to make it happen with the support of my dear DAM, who covered for me at Club Colima while I handled the opening duties at [SIC]. After an hour and a half at [SIC], a few started warming the danceflow’. A shame, as I envisioned much more energy at my [SIC] debut. I never had a chance to play here, so I wanted to try it out. Well, 20 minutes before my set ended, a message from the programmer at Colima arrived on my phone, asking me where was I. I said, “On my way to Colima while DAM finishes his set.” Eventually, they were very upset that I played before at [SIC]. DAM did a fantastic job. My opening at [SIC] went fine by then and time to move. My closing set at Colima lasted 2hrs, was fun and ended very well. I delivered as expected – two places, one night, different crowds, different clubs, and made it.
I thank so much and forever to [SIC] and Colima for opening the doors to my sets.

However, I felt bitter feelings that one side of the night didn’t flow as it normally does. Problems with club programmers is something I avoid at all costs. This I never have – I always do my very best. But sometimes, it’s understandable that these things can occur. All in all, I think I’ll skip the double venue trouble. But if I have to, I know I can make it work and deliver as expected. Check out the footage, and here’s a story on the rather “not perfect“ side. Anyway, problems are here for everybody; I prefer to share mines.

A few of the nice vibes down here.
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