FÜNKY – Dany E, Enya Botello, DJ Holographic.

Dropping beats at Fünky by Disco Fetish was an absolute blast – a queer Thursday with disco vibes. The lineup was great cool opportunity to share the decks with DJ’s I admire.

So I got fun editing a very bad bad video mega mix of stories, check it out (hahaah).
Fünky is a great proposal from Disco Fetish and partners. These queer initiatives is something I’d definitely always like to contribute to.
Great fun, but very important for the Mexican Scene, greatly impulsed by them. Parties like PERVERT and new clubs like BRUTAL MX are shaping well this scene. Pics down here with marvellous Enya Botello and DJ Holographic, massive permormances each of them!
Spinning tracks there got peeps definitely grooving, it was a proper loosen up; pure fun. Totally would love to get back to contribute to their initiatives as collective. Mexico really needs more of this, and I’m proud of this happening.
I received several stories and tags on instagram which felt pretty nice, but the funny part was that these had almost the same tracks recorded. Maybe i only played a few good tracks, who knows?. But then I got mega creative (lol) and made a mega mix on the video below. Check that out!

Footage below.
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