CURSI ━ Dany E, SOOS & Mike Guimond.

At Departamento, a spot that feels like home, “CURSI” party was a laid-back house party along with SOOS and Mike Guimond in the lineup.
Steaming dancefloor, the party met raving standards & everyone enjoyed love-filled hugs and b2b2b sets until the late hours.
A celebration along with my mate Josh dear SOOS, was proposed without hesitation and with every intention of having an absolute blast. Well, as it turned out, he had already thrown a residency party named “CURSI” – Mexican slang for “cheesy.” Oh yes, I was all in for that.
One of these venues that feels welcoming, warm, and straight fun, like a home – and it practically is a home – is Departamento. Personally, every time I visited this place, it felt like stepping into a house party. Playing here has always represented a significant achievement. It seemed then like the perfect spot to chill with my close mates and throw a party, a house party. These dudes I deeply admire, respect, and enjoy spending time with.
I’ve spun tunes at Departamento alongside some of my closest friends throughout the recent years, Mejia for instance. This time as any time, anything with SOOS, count me in. Mike Guimond from NYC also joined the lineup amongst us. The vibes were set just right from the beginning, the party unfolded seamlessly, and the place was buzzing with good energy. I sensed that things were moving in the perfect direction. Mike, who’s movements are like if he is doing aerobics and I love it, casually remarked, “I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but this is really good, and I’ve got high expectations from what I’ve heard, so…NO pressure at all.”

I know Departamento; it delivers exactly what everyone craves because, essentially, it’s a house party; perfectly with what’s needed. I always approach Departamento with this mindset. We felt this party met raving standards with flying colors. Fast forward, 5/6 am – we’re all b2b2b, cheesy tracks playing, love-filled hugs all around; you name it.
The day after. I don’t always hang out with a full line-up for days before or after an event, but next day we shared a meal together again. Mike showed up out of the blue, craving a Clamato, and sat down at our outdoor table at a nearby restaurant. Later, Josh suggested we meet at Mike’s for a party together, we brought the entire lineup together. By then Josh had already included us in a WhatsApp group. Our meetings continued to happen, for instance, De School Amsterdam for a night I completely enjoyed.

Somehow I’ve grown fond of the CURSI stuff – turns out, love truly prevails.

Footage below.
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