Dany E ━ Sunday Sunday 7.23.

Everything, as a resident at Sunday Sunday, feels & is a treasure, This time around pure magic throughout the eve. I threw a mix of pop vibes and hard-house beat, inspired by gigs in Berlin and Madrid, for fun & dance. The peeps danced up a storm; another memorable night at our beloved Sunday Sunday.
Every time I get the chance to spin here as a resident feels absolutely a privilege. I mean -it is the absolute privilege. Before going to a Sunday Sunday gig I can visualize how things might unfold. And no matter how many times I’ve had a blast in our fantastic terrace, there are moments when it once again surpasses even the wildest dreams.
This time around, I came up here after a couple of gigs around my land. I brought in some fresh proposals, sticking to my style but giving the pop sound a chance. Combining it with hard-house beats was a clear way. I had been experimenting with this approach during gigs at Sisyphos in Berlin and venues like TOPAZDeluxe and Macera Madrid. So, this felt good form the beginning.
Now, before my set, the warm-up felt more like a heated explosion of bangers courtesy of the all-star STARDOS. I thought, “Alright, I’m armed to throw in a couple of jams that can ramp up the vibes quite nicely” but… the energy after his set was quite intimidating. Well, I had to try this approach and I really didn’t have more to bring into the table.
Once again, it turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve had at our beloved Sunday Sunday. Exceptionally lucky to have this crowd dancing up a storm, and trust me, I’ll remember this one exceptionally well too as all the other times at home.

Check out the vibes down here.
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