Le Mazette, Paris, & SS Residents.

Sunday Sunday taking cool vibes across borders landed at former CONCRETE -Paris, Le Mazette. We a crew of residents, including DJ Tennis, hit the boat alongside French house legend Irfane. Opened the dancefloor for french house master, mezcal tagged along, evidently, baguettes, croissants, the Seine & most of all good times together.
Abroad Sunday Sunday shindigs – that’s a story that’s unfolded in several countries already. The first overseas bashes went down in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, among us crew members and some local acts. In recent times Paris has embraced Sunday Sunday vibes.
NL editions also occurred together at Bordello A Parigi record store. In Paris, the spot that has brought the coolest vibes for this has been LE MAZETTE. A several deck parked boat where the legendary CONCRETE Paris took place.
Now, we’re not exactly rolling notes to clean ourselves or swimming in gold, so gathering up all the Sunday Sunday residents for an overseas event is a bit too complicated. But these dudes are definitely up for it whenever the opportunity is there. For this edition of Le Mazette SS, we managed to pull together a damn big crew of us residents, including DJ Tennis. How damn cool. Mezcal was very present too (lol).

The party had some French house legends on deck – Breakbot and Irfane. They’ve been around the boat, and despite their rockstar status, were pretty chill on board. The only small sitaution, Irfane wanted to hit the decks when the crowd was already lit.
his day rain was threatening the upper open-air deck, so the plan was to pull people downstairs. Well rain never arrived until much later, people stayed outdoors deck, and … I was in charge at that moment! Lucky combination maybe? I opened the floor for Irfane, left the crowd in good mood. The party continued on downstairs later with the rest of the gang. We had our last dance on the upper deck when it started pouring. Le Mazette has been fun to us. I’m looking forward to get to have gigs in Paris in the time ahead. Must mention, Paris was the city for my first-ever overseas gig when I was a spry 18 – 20 years ago. There’s more to come, I’d be alway glad to get to speak my now very bad french and eat all those delicious baguettes and crowue monsieurs and madames! ahhh…!

Ça fait du bien de parler un petit peu comme ça, non?
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