TOPAZdelux ━ Comeback.

TOPAZdeluxe, where memories run deep from the early 2010s, it’s not just a club; it’s neighborhood, home and family. The vibe’s still kicking, with new faces and old friends. Despite the party wrapping up early these days, the joy of being back is real.
What a beautiful club name too.
Loads of stories from TOPAZDeluxe… Impossible to go through them all. I was a resident DJ here when I was living in Monterrey in the early 2010s. I was living a couple of blocks away, has been not only my favorite club, also my neighborhood home and family.
It’s not the first former club where I was a resident, but from the first ones I ever played regularly, it’s the only one that keeps pushing. I mean, check out the lineups and if you can, feel the new generations looking for opportunities to have fun as in TOPAZ. I’ve had countless memorable nights, in and out. Returning this time was the biggest joy.
Before anything, we passed by to grab a PizzaGuana, for those who know, Café Iguanas is an institution to be respected, same as TOPAZdeluxe. A look to the hills and then ready to hit the club.

Upon arrival, I was scanning the place to catch sight of familiar faces. Fabian mentioned that many were still around. Pelicanos, the head honcho of our safety since way back then, was also present. Old time friend Kawas (who’s DJ name has grown in recent years too) was evidently touring …or something. But the new resident DJs of nowadays were present and that’s incredible. Probably they started with CD players not long ago. I found myself thinking, “I feel so much of how I was during my first gigs here“ omg … how cool! Monterrey, man, I can’t tell how much fun we had.
So, how did it go? Very damn well! I brought my current vibes this time. Dancers are definitely different from back in the days, and I’m happy I kept the party bouncing. Sadly, very sadly, now they stop at 2:00 am these days. I couldn’t imagine TOPAZ closing so early, ever. Well, that means I have to drop by again anytime soon and get some additional hours to enjoy here.

Before sleeping a few hours, a piece of poetry on a wall in the only style Acción Poética group could have done was visible:
“Más Amor Por Favor”.

For me: Amor Regio Siempre.
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