Bordello Aperitivo w. Dany E Sooscaveman & Nico Borgio.

My mates hit Amsterdam for a gig at Bordello Aperitivo (hangout of Bordello A Parigi), inspired by Clamato and Mezcal. Laid-back afternoon with caring crowd, capturing the neighborhood vibes. Extending the joy to the grand Pollox Amsterdam.
Alright, if you’ve been going around this humble website, scrolling through, catching a read here and there, chances are you’ve already came across my tales featuring a couple characters: SOOS and Snowcaveman – two of my closest mates. As Sunday Sunday residents, our conversations often revolve around the awesomeness of Clamato, Mezcal, and, of course, food. Add to the mix Nico Borgio yes please!
Now, it’s not uncommon for us to find it a bit too tricky to synchronize our plans. Places and venues always change, evolve, but the fun remains, and that’s coolest thing ever. So, these two lads dropped a message one day, casually saying, “Hey, we’re hitting Amsterdam next week.” And then, “Yeah, we’ve arranged a gig at Bordello Aperitivo.”
I can handle puzzled plans, but their “PLANNING” style adds a layer of extreme and unnecessary complexity (lol). Bordello Aperitivo, the hangout spot associated with Bordello A Parigi, is a fantastic place to feel right in the heart of Amsterdam, ant to feel in the neighborhood vibes. This event took place as summer kicked in, with warmer days on the horizon. It was a gathering inspired by, of course: Clamato and Mezcal!
With the primary goal of enjoying Amsterdam. it wasn’t the first time we’d invaded in this spot, but being together here – whether it was the second or tenth time – had a magical and special quality. To complete the lineup, we included another mega super special character currently residing in Amsterdam, Nico Borgio. This mega stellar group of people and DJs set the nicest laid-back afternoon, Clamatos, what else? We extended the cool vibes up to the grand Pollox Amsterdam. Ace man..!

Footage below.
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