Dany E Live – Aire Libre FM.

A wicked time on Aire Libre FM, the coolest radio station I’ve ever been to. It was my second spin on this national gem, dishing out a solid 2-hour live set.

Update: This radio show was recorded just before the sad closure of Aire Libre.
A second opportunity to play at what has been the nicest radio station I’ve ever played on, was again a repeated dream come true.
For this live set, I had no clue that I would not have anybody presenting me, meaning, I was not embeded in the program of someone elese, but it was actually a time-slot, *on national radio*, dedicated only for me. I don’t know how could this happen, but I must say, it felt so important in every possible way.
Already arriving to the station I felt nervous, which is my best symptom of anything very good happening. I went inside to find out the person receiving me was the same person in charge the previous time I was there. Felt almost too familiar…I started to image “what would it be to have a radio show on a monthly basis?” Soudned really cool.
My set was partially planned but I must say, without too much input from dancers it can get difficult.I’m not very sure if this was good or bad, up to you to rate. But one thing is and will always be: I will keep very close to me the times I played at Aire Libre and hopefully one day I can play again in another national radio.

Listen below.
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